Your truck fleet is an essential component of your business. You may rely on them to deliver goods around the country or to transport vital components into your business to allow your manufacturing to continue. However you use your trucks, you will want to be sure that your truck fleet is operating as safely and economically as possible. To keep your fleet in the best possible condition you will want to check your truck wheel alignment regularly.

What is truck wheel alignment? When a mechanic looks at the wheel alignment of your truck, they are examining the suspension and steering components of your vehicle to ensure that they are operating within the specifications given by the manufacturer. If needed, the mechanic will adjust the relative positions of the wheels to ensure that the vehicle remains comfortable and safe to drive and that it handles exactly how the manufacturer intended.

Why does truck wheel alignment matter? If the wheels of a truck are not correctly aligned, then the wear on the tyre is increased and the life of the tyre is decreased along with fuel efficiency. Misalignment typically results in the premature ageing of your tyres as more weight is placed on a particular part of the tyre. Tyres worn in this way can start to affect the safety of your truck and will need to be replaced without delay. Rolling resistance or increased drag on tyres caused by misalignment will always lead to increased fuel consumption and higher transport costs. Misaligned wheels can also cause stress to other mechanical components around the axle, which can shorten the life of your suspension and may ultimately result in the need for expensive repairs.

What causes wheel misalignment? When your truck is first produced the wheel alignment should be perfect, but over time that alignment can start to change. Worn suspension components can contribute the alignment issues as can bumping through potholes in the surface of the road.

Can you spot wheel misalignment? It is always best to get your truck wheel alignment checked by trained professionals with the right equipment. It isn't always easy to spot misaligned wheels, but as the misalignment grows you may be able to spot certain parts of your tyres becoming more worn, or you may notice your vehicle veering across the road rather than progressing in a straight direction. If you are concerned about your truck wheel alignment, then book an appointment with a service centre today.