Do you own a car that is inoperable and uneconomical to restore to roadworthy condition? Whether the car is totally ruined due to an accident or weather-induced damage, selling it for cash is one of the best ways to dispose of it.  While you'd love to get some money into your pocket, you might also be concerned about how the vehicle will be discarded once it leaves your property.

Here's a sneak peek at what happens to inoperable cars once they've been sold.

Stripping useable parts

The fact that your car is no longer in drivable condition doesn't mean that all its parts are bad. The first thing that will be done after the vehicle has been delivered to an auto wrecker yard is the removal of all the good parts. 

The process begins with the removal of all fluids flowing in the car. These include battery acid, AC refrigerant, engine oil and coolant, transmission fluid, brake fluid, radiator fluid and many more. Most of these fluids are hazardous to people and the environment and should, therefore, be removed and disposed of properly. 

Once all the hazardous fluids have been removed from the vehicle, the part-by-part stripping process commences with each part being visually inspected to check for signs of damage. The visibly damaged parts are kept separate from the 'good' parts.

When the stripping of parts has been completed, the good parts are tested for safety and performance to determine whether they should be offered for sale as used car parts or discarded with the rest of the bad parts.

Crushing the car

Once an inoperable car has been stripped of all its parts, it is crushed by a powerful (hydraulically-powered) car crusher to generate scrap metal. The scrap metal is then weighed and sold to scrap metal dealers at the prevailing market prices.

Scrap metal from cars can be used as raw material for the manufacture of new metal products. This helps to reduce the need to extract virgin metal mineral ores for the processing of new metal material. This is a great way to preserve fast-depleting energy resources.

As you can see, selling your used car for cash helps to breathe new life into car parts that are of no use to you. The fully functional parts of the vehicle can be used in parts-compatible vehicles while the scrap metal from the vehicle can be used as recycled material for the manufacture of new metal products. Contact an auto wrecker to get an offer for your banger. Find somewhere that offers cash for cars today.