If your car runs on a diesel engine, then you're enjoying certain advantages over owners of petrol-powered cars. Diesel cars are generally more fuel-efficient and cheaper to operate than their petrol cousins. The fuel economy of these vehicles makes them a suitable choice for long-distance travel.

Ongoing maintenance of your car's diesel engine is imperative to keep enjoying the benefits that the vehicle provides. Here's an essential maintenance checklist to help keep your diesel engine running at peak efficiency for as long as it can. 

Performing regular and appropriate oil changes

Like other auto engines, the engine in your diesel car is made up of several moving components. Engine oil serves as the lubricating fluid that helps keep these components working smoothly. Over time, however, engine oil gets dirty and starts to lose its lubricating qualities. The oil needs to be changed on a regular basis to make sure it is effective at its job of keeping the engine properly lubricated. 

Consult your owner's manual to find the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations on when to perform an oil change and which type of oil to use.

Using effective air filters

Your car runs by burning a mixture of fuel and air in the appropriate ratio in a combustion chamber. Your engine has an air filter to help prevent airborne dirt particles from entering the engine. Over time, the air filter becomes clogged with dirt and will require replacement. If the filter isn't changed, it will affect the amount of air being fed into the combustion chamber, thus hurting engine performance.

Be sure to get your air filters replaced with the appropriate products.

Replacing dirty fuel filters

As already pointed out above, engines run by burning a fuel/air mixture. Just as there is a filter for filtering the air, there is also a filter for ensuring clean fuel supply to the engine. This filter is called the fuel filter. Over time, your fuel filter will get dirty from trapping contaminants present in your fuel or the fuel tank. A dirty fuel filter may starve your car of the fuel it needs to move and function properly. Be sure to replace dirty filters before they can start restricting fuel system flow.

Preventive maintenance is the key to keeping your diesel engine operating at peak efficiency and at the lowest cost possible. Diesel car engine maintenance is a job best left to professionals. Contact a diesel services expert near you to give your diesel car the proper treatment it requires to serve you well.